All About Texas – What You Should Know

While it is just one of the fifty states of the United States, Texas is one of the larger states in the country that, because of its location, is significant to the country’s state of geopolitics. It is the state that sits at the border of Mexico, and any movement by Americans to Mexico, and any movements to America from Mexico pass through Texas.

If you are just like most people, you are probably wondering what you can find in Texas that makes it worth traveling to. Area-wise and population-wise, it is a large state with 27 million people. It has different places of interest, including the Rio Grande, which sits directly at the border with Mexico. It is dotted with deserts and pine forest. But that’s not all there is to Texas.

Houston, the biggest city, houses the Museum of Fine Arts where you can the best paintings by well-known Impressionists as well as Renaissance painters. In that city, you will also find the NASA Space Center where you can find interactive displaces. The capital, Austin, has a vibrant music scene and you can attend concerts and events on a regular basis. For those who are looking for culture and history, you can go to the LBJ Presidential Library while in Austin.

The state also has a thriving cowboy culture – one of the few states that still do – and it’s worth traveling to Texas if you want to immerse in this lifestyle.

If you are planning on moving to Mexico, you should know that the minimum wage there is 7.25 dollars per hour. A one-bedroom apartment has an average cost of $1,000. Two-bedroom apartments, meanwhile, cost $1,500 on the average. Of course, since the prices we quoted are only the average price, you can expect to find apartments that are cheaper or much more expensive, that is if you care to look at the listings.

But of course, if you are like most people, you are not interested in earning a minimum wage. You are interested in a living wage that will enable you to thrive in the state. And to that, the only solution next to setting up your own business is by getting work at the Top 500 companies in the country. Thankfully, you will find many of them in Texas, including Exxon Mobil, and Phillips 66, among others.